One of the enduring legacies I now share with my family and friends is how I met subject matter experts and the dedicated staff of RJ Lee Group and proceeded to deal with developing up the scope of work you share in the web link . RJ Lee Group folks like Dave and Matt roped together the disparities that a group of sampling technicians and professionals brought alike and proceeded to detail a built environment in an unparalleled way. So the story I share goes down in history.

As an industrial hygienist, I found myself challenged by you, leading the effort. Never ceasing you were. My profession has earned the title “quiet heroes” mainly for our work in mines and disasters. I too know the long hours we were in respirators and personal protective equipment in spite of the demand for technical accuracy.

I would like to urge the staff who worked on this project to take the time to join in the reverence for the emergency responders, as well as to ensure that they too sign up with the 9-11 registry for the epidemiological study of health effects from the WTC Dust.

Paul Haas, Certified Industrial Hygienist

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